Technology solutions ranked by law departments

BTI Consulting Group reported the results of asking more than 200 corporate counsel this question: “If you could create the ideal technology solution, what capabilities would you most like to have?” As reported in Law Practice, Vol. 32, April/May 2006 at 13, those respondents most wanted technology solutions to be “user friendly” (19.3%). Next came “document management” (13.3%) and “bill management” (9.6%).

Lagging those top three were the bottom four: “information sharing” and “integrated platform” (both 6.0%) and “accessibility” and “matter tracking” (both 4.8%).

An odd list. Two are characteristics of any software: user friendliness and accessibility (and does that mean whether users can start the program readily?). Three others on the list are applications: document management, bill management (e-bills?), and matter tracking. “Information sharing” goes beyond technology whereas “integrated platform” could refer to software or hardware.

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