Some “local government” in-house data (UK)

Gill Hague, a consultant and director of Legal Project Services Ltd., sent some numbers from a Law Society report on lawyers with a Practicing Certificate in central government departments (See my post of April 13, 2006 for more on Hague’s dissertation.). The Law Society – Britain’s equivalent to the American Bar Association – reported 90 lawyers in Government Departments, 125 in Courts, 210 in Government Funded Services, and 1,697 in Crown Prosecution Service.

Hague points out that “there may be other legal professionals – such as Barristers, or qualified Solicitors whose role does not require them to have a Practicing Certificate – working in the employed sectors.”

He closes with mention of a certification that has no counterpart in the United States: “many local government staff in work areas such as Property and Litigation hold other legal qualifications such as Fellowship of the Institute of Legal Executives.”

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