A team at a law firm plans to include academics

An article in the Am. Lawyer, Vol. 30, Feb. 2008 at 16-17, describes the migration of a well-known bankruptcy partner from one law firm to another. At his new firm, Martin Bienenstock will lead a team — called the Business Solutions and Governance Group — that will “assemble corporate partners, litigators, and academics to assess a company’s options.” Academics?

Will law departments pay for the academics (See my post of Jan. 19, 2008: profusion of timekeepers.)? Does the firm intend to ask its client about the inclusion – and expenses – of the PhDs (See my post of Aug. 3, 2005: Baxter’s Litigation Advisory Board.)? Do similar restrictions apply to academics as to law firm lawyers on conflicts of interest and malpractice coverage?

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