Survey data on the frequency of outsourcing various types of law-related services

Legally Yours, an impressive blog site edited by Rahul Jindal, displays the results of a survey. The 287 respondents, of undisclosed source, answered the question, “Which service are you outsourcing/considering to outsource/supporting?” [Not the optimal phrasing for a question if you want crisp metrics, but set that aside.]

Legal Research 152 (52%)

Contract Review/Drafting/Mgt. 133 (46%)

Intellectual Property 102 (35%)

Doc. Rev./E-Discovery/Lit. Support 103 (35%)

Immigration Services 41 (14%)

Secretarial Services 42 (14%)

Other Services 44 (15%)

I had not appreciated that legal research is still the top dog as far as LPO services go.

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