Celebration of the first anniversary of embedded metaposts, all 240 of them!

On Feb. 3, 2008 I published this blog’s first “embedded metapost” (See my post of Feb. 3, 2008: if more than 5 posts, and with URL; May 13, 2007: I ask if metaposts are useful to readers.). Since then I have accumulated and published 24 of them for a total of 240 embedded metaposts.

Close to 235 posts have referenced one or more of those embedded metaposts (See my post of Aug. 12, 2008: more than 100 metaposts on this blog.). Those 240 metaposts average 14.9 back references (median is 11) and include a total of 3,551 back references.

Pushing the envelope even farther, I published a hyperpost, a topic with more than five metaposts (See my post of Jan. 2, 2009: 8 metaposts collected.). I keep thinking that I will run out of topics to aggregate but neither my fascination with collecting nor topics that permit it has flagged.

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