Software that helps most with cost and quality of legal holds

These findings about litigation holds come from a survey of 235 mostly-US companies by the IT Policy Compliance Group (IT PCG) as reported in Info. Mgt., Vol. 43, Jan./Feb. 2009 at 10. Several posts refer to this survey (See my post of Feb. 6, 2009: savings from the various practices; Feb. 7, 2009: costs of litigation hold practices; Feb. 7, 2009: interactive online tool; and Feb. 2, 2009: best practices for litigation holds.).

As stated by the Symantec press release, “The most helpful technologies identified [by the survey] to improve results with the lowest expense include:

Backup and archive
Data capture and conversion tools
Data and record indexing tools
Records retention and destruction tools
Employee education and training tools “

It is a plausible list and there are certainly many vendors vying to provide the software and services to law departments.

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