Part XXVI of a collection of embedded metaposts

Here are the most recent embedded metaposts with URL links (See my post of Feb. 20, 2009: Part XXV.), each of which shows the number of references cited within them.

  1. Academics interested in law department management (See my post of Feb. 25, 2009: academics with 16 references.).

  2. ASP or SaaS software (See my post of Feb. 25, 2009: Application Specific Programs with 6 references.).

  3. Attrition (See my post of March 8, 2009: attrition in law departments, with 16 references and one metapost.)

  4. Groups for GCs to join (See my post of March 1, 2009: GC groups with 12 references.).

  5. Lawyers per billion (See my post of Feb. 25, 2009: lawyers per billion with 22 references and one metapost.).

  6. Libraries (See my post of Feb. 24, 2009: librarians and libraries with 8 references.).

  7. Patent review committees (See my post of Feb. 19, 2009: invention review committees with 7 references.).

  8. Research & Development (See my post of March 2, 2009: R&D with 12 references.).

  9. Service level agreements (See my post of March 6, 2009: service level agreements (SLA) with 6 references.).

  10. Vacations (See my post of Feb. 22, 2009: vacations and holidays with 10 references.).

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