Legal-department management memology – Part II (96 words defined on this blog)

Language structures the way we think and experience the world; the atom of thinking and expressing is the word, so I have steadfastly defined many of the management words used by general counsel (See my post of Dec. 11, 2006: a rich and precise vocabulary; March 12, 2009: distinctions between terms; March 31, 2009: client vs customer vs business partner; March 29, 2009: primary law firm; and April 8, 2009: regional law firm.).

By my count, with the three posts just cited, this blog offers a total of at least 96 definitions (See my post of Jan. 15, 2009: definitions with 27 references; May 3, 2006: 32 definitions;
Aug. 26, 2006: 10 definitions; Nov. 26, 2006: 13 definitions with 55 references; and Dec. 5, 2007: 11 definitions.).

A proposition, however, may be the kernel of thought, the core of an idea. Whatever the fundamental component of expression, you are what you say and words make the manager.

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