Part XXXI of a collection of embedded metaposts

It is with the greatest honor and humility that I hereby present for your delectation the most current embedded metaposts (See my post of April 27, 2009: Part XXX.), each of which bijou unveils the number of references cited within.

  1. Billing rates (See my post of May 3, 2009: billing rates other than increases and fees, with 32 references and 8 metaposts with references.).

  2. Burn rate (See my post of May 3, 2009: burn rates of outside counsel with 6 references.).

  3. Career path (See my post of May 4, 2009: in-house counsel career paths with 15 references.).

  4. Data mining (See my post of May 6, 2009: data mining by law departments and law firms with 10 references.).

  5. Data on partner rates (See my post of April 30, 2009: billing rates of partners with 14 posts.).

  6. Most favored nation terms (See my post of April 30, 2009: MFN impositions with 8 posts.).

  7. Patronize (See my post of May 7, 2009: patronizing attitudes by in-house and outside counsel with 11 references.).

  8. Prediction markets (See my post of May 6, 2009: prediction markets and collective intelligence with 6 references.).

  9. Stories (See my post of May 4, 2009: stories with 6 references.).

  10. Twitter (See my post of April 28, 2009: Twitter and 6 references.).

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