During the past year, six articles by this blogger, collected for you to download

During the past 12 months seven articles written by me were published. One or more of them might interest you, so here I have assembled them and the posts that first announced them.

  1. Three major benefits and concerns about sending legal work offshore (See my post of May 3, 2009: advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing.)Download 09-03 Rees Morrison Offshoring Pros and Cons Legal Strategy Review.

  2. What incumbent law firms bring to the table as well as the crumbs they produce (See my post of June 14, 2009: entrenched counsel and their effects.)Download 09-06-08 Incumbents and 10 ways to balance the field.

  3. Mathematical insights from power-law distributions (See my post of Sept. 27, 2009: measurements for the long tail of legal department metrics.)Download 09-09-14 Rees Morrison Power Laws.

  4. Value delivered by outside counsel (See my post of Nov. 17, 2009: 11 propositions on the value debate.)Download 09-11-10 Rees Morrison Value In-House NLJ.

  5. The fundamental benchmark of lawyers per billion of revenue (See my post of Feb. 4, 2010: four observations about lawyer staff stated in terms of revenue.)Download 09-03-09 Rees Morrison Lawyers Per Billion Legal Times.

  6. Risk management ideas for legal department managers. I published a piece in Legal Strategy Review based on a short presentation I made Download 09-11- Rees Morrison LSR_Risk Management.

  7. Eight categories of metrics for managers of legal departments (See my post of Jan. 8, 2010: plus seven profundities on quantification.)Download 10-01- Rees Morrison 8 Metrics and Characteristics (NLJ).

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