Eighth set of blogs that have referred readers to LawDepartmentManagementBlog

Another in my series of kudos, thanks and gratitude (See my post of Nov. 15, 2009: history of this series; and Jan. 4, 2010: seventh set.).

  1. BrightLeaf
  2. Entertainment Litigation (Hank Fasthoff)
  3. Globallegal (Matthew Sullivan)
  4. Jasonschoolmeester.id.au/ (Jason Schoolmeester)
  5. Jason Wilson (Jason Wilson)
  6. LaconicLawblog.com/ (Eric A. Welter, Esq.)
  7. Last Generalist (Richard Russeth, Esq.)
  8. Law Firm Transformation (Gary Mitchell
  9. Law People (Rhonda Muir, Esq.)
  10. Legalmanagement.com.cn/ (PEKNit)
  11. Legal-management.net (Antoine Frahan)
  12. LPO Source (Michael D. Bell)
  13. Mattern of Fact (Mattern & Associates)

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