Survey data on the cases most commonly litigated by US companies

Respondents to a survey a few months back indicated the three types of cases most commonly litigated by the company. The most frequently selected were “contract disputes” (54%), “employment discrimination” (41%), and “personal injury” (26%). In addition, “complex commercial,” “product liability,” and “intellectual property” were reported by 19%, 18%, and 17% of respondents, respectively. No other case type was indicated by more than 13% of respondents.

This data comes from responses of 367 general counsel to a survey conducted into early 2010 by the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System (IAALS). The report is available online. I suppose “personal injury” is primarily slip and fall cases.

The data gives some idea of case types that lend themselves to bundles, such as for fixed fee proposals.

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