Three providers of contract management software at SuperConference

I was glad to have an opportunity at the SuperConference to collect information from three providers of software: Contract Express, Emptoris, and Selectica. At a high level I came to appreciate better that contract management should mean much more than a database where employees can locate copies of executed contracts and track renewal dates. Management of contracts also implicates much more than the scope of responsibilities of a general counsel (See my post of March 2, 2010: contract administrators and managers with 9 references.).

Effective contract management drives sales, enables knowledge management, increases productivity and quality, and represents one important face of the company to customers. A goodly number of posts here have addressed contract management software (See my post of Nov. 22, 2008: contract management software with 11 references.).

In the 18 months since the first metapost I compiled about contract management I have added quite a few more (See my post of Dec. 2, 2008: four key benefits of a contract management system; Dec. 14, 2008: XML tags on documents; Dec. 26, 2008: data on document management software in law departments; Feb. 22, 2009: reference materials on contract management systems for law departments; March 15, 2009 #4: Altien’s enterprise contract-management system; April 8, 2009: responsibility for contract management and the size of contract portfolios; Sept. 1, 2009: seven high-level similarities between contract management and matter management software; Oct. 7, 2009: contract management and its four key concerns for legal departments; Oct. 19, 2009: document assembly as a solution to contract management challenges; and Jan. 7, 2010: contract management and a portal.).

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