Part XLXI of a collection of embedded metaposts

Natural log one of metaposts with references (See my post of Aug. 9, 2010: Part XLX.).

  1. Africa (See my post of Sept. 8, 2010: Africa with 9 references.).

  2. Benchmark survey of General Counsel Metrics (See my post of Sept. 6, 2010: GCM study with 36 references.).

  3. Collective, consortia, (See my post of Sept. 8, 2010: shared involvements of multiple legal departments with 7 references and 4 metaposts.).

  4. Costs of discovery, electronic discovery (See my post of Sept. 8, 2010: costs of e-discovery with 11 references.).

  5. Exponential (See my post of Sept. 13, 2010: exponential change with 10 references.).

  6. General counsel promoted from outside (See my post of Aug.16, 2010: external vs internal selection of general counsel with 10 references.).

  7. Institutional knowledge in law firms (See my post of Sept. 12, 2010: law firms and their institutional knowledge with 6 references and 3 metaposts.).

  8. Onboarding (See my post of Aug. 25, 2010: on-boarding with 6 references.).

  9. RSS feeds and aggregator stats (See my post of Sept. 13, 2010: RSS feeds and 6 references.).

  10. Software to assist evidence-based decisions (See my post of Aug. 9, 2010: software that complements decision-making with 6 references.).

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