Data on why lawyers leave their in-house position

From the 2010 In-House Global Salary & Benefits Survey conducted by Laurence Simons (pg. 8) you can see 15 reasons why lawyers might resign. “[O]ver a third (40%) said it was because they wanted a new challenge or to further their career in a new environment. The traditionally popular motivation of higher salary was third at 12%. Other factors included a desire for more responsibility (10%) and a better work/life balance (7%).”

The notorious career path perceived to lead nowhere pushes ambitious lawyers to find their way elsewhere. So does boredom. If all you can see is an unchanging in-box, shift companies and hope for a change of pace. Money matters, but given approximately market compensation, the far more important satisfiers ae the quality and prospects of good work. To request a complimentary copy of the full survey, write Naveen Tuli.

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