Part XLXIII of a collection of embedded metaposts

The hits just keep on rolling at station WBLOG!

  1. Competitive bids, RFPs hyperpost (See my post of Oct.12, 2010: competitive bid processes with 7 references and 6 metaposts.).

  2. Contract templates, form contracts (See my post of Nov. 8, 2010: templates for common contracts with 11 references.).

  3. Core competencies of law departments (See my post of Nov. 19, 2010: departmental core competencies with 12 references and 1 meta.).

  4. Drugs, cogniceuticals, pharmaceuticals (See my post of Nov. 23, 2010: neuro-enhancers with 6 references.).

  5. India (See my post of Oct. 25, 2010: India but not offshoring with 12 references.).

  6. Law schools (See my post of Oct. 26, 2010: law schools with 24 references and one meta.).

  7. Metaphors on this blog (See my post of Nov. 7, 2010: metaphors cited explicitly with 25 references.).

  8. RFP II (See my post of Oct.11, 2010: RFPs and competitive bids with 7 references and 6 metas.).

  9. Role model (See my post of Oct.31, 2010: role model with 7 references.).

  10. Stock market (See my post of Oct. 12, 2010: mentions of the stock market with 8 references.).

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