A second set of ten posts on columns I have written for InsideCounsel

Early on, I collected my first columns under Morrison on Metrics (See my post of Sept. 30, 2010: ten InsideCounsel columns, starting in May 2010.). Now I am back at it with an updated collection of ten more and their URLs.

Oct. 13, 2010: lawyers per paralegal as a staffing metric

Nov. 1, 2010: not all practice areas are created equal when it comes to the availability of benchmark metrics

Nov. 24, 2010: must terminate people to cut law department internal spending metrics

Nov. 30, 2010: legal risks avoided but not measured

Dec. 8, 2010: metrics manipulation and how to protect against it

Dec. 22, 2010: inter-quartile differences, modes, and ranges

Jan. 19, 2011: clarify patterns with trend lines

Feb. 2, 2011: online sites that give data on salaries

March 1, 2011: departments that use matter management software and those that benchmark

March 30, 2011: changes in benchmarks by the same companies over two years

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