Part LVII in a series of collected metaposts embedded previously

  1. Admission of in-house attorneys to practice law (See my post of July 5, 2011 #2: in-house lawyers admitted to practice through reciprocity with 6 references.).
  2. Best practices, why none (See my post of July 31, 2011: unicorns of best practices with 8 references.).
  3. Contracts hyperpost (See my post of July 4, 2011: 11 metaposts on contracts, including two on document assembly.).
  4. Ethnography (See my post of July 5, 2011 #1: ethnography with 6 references.).
  5. First lawyer hired (See my post of July 5, 2011: companies hire their first in-house lawyer with 6 references and 1 meta.).
  6. Gatekeeper, conduit, pass through to outside counsel (See my post of July 24, 2011: inside lawyer as passive intermediary to outside counsel with 6 references.).
  7. GC’s chilling effect (See my post of July 12, 2011: suppression of ideas by general counsel with 8 references.).
  8. Online free legal forms (See my post of July 18, 2011: low-cost contracts and agreements online with 6 references.).
  9. Portals (See my post of July 26, 2011: portals with 10 references.).
  10. Task-code billing UTBMS (See my post of July 6, 2011: task-codes for billing with 8 references and 1 meta.).

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