Part LXIX in my series of collected metaposts embedded in other posts

  1. Attorney-client privilege II (See my post of Feb. 28, 2012: attorney-client privilege with 13 references.).

  2. Boards and GCs (See my post of May 13, 2012: general counsel and boards of directors with 9 references and 1 meta.).

  3. Budgets, quarterly (See my post of May 30, 2012: seek quarterly budgets from firms with 8 references.).

  4. Co-location of lawyers with revenue (See my post of May 25, 2012: quantify lawyers by location near revenue with 9 references.)

  5. Concept visualization (See my post of March 7, 2012: concepts visualized with 8 references.).

  6. Logical reasoning (See my post of April 26, 2012: fallacies with 6 references.).

  7. Government agency law departments (See my post of May 13, 2012: law departments of government agencies with 19 references.).

  8. Math concepts (See my post of April 17, 2012: seven sophisticated math concepts with 8 metas.).

  9. Number of in-house US lawyers (See my post of May 23, 2012: in-house law departments in the U.S. with 10 references.).

  10. Tools (See my post of April 17, 2007: “tools” defined and in this blog, by category, with 73 references.).

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