A prediction if there come to be many virtual law firms that offer all their services at a fixed cost, such as $150 an hour

The Wenham Law Group pays its network of experienced lawyers between $75 and $100 an hour, but bills clients a flat $150 an hour – for everything.  As described in New England In-House, July 2012 at 5, the cofounder of Wenham Law group, Inder-Jeet Gujral, expects the firm to handle work especially in the non-compete, contract, and employment areas.  Interestingly, Gujral is not a lawyer.


If there were a number of organizations that priced their legal services on a fixed hourly rate, law departments would over time sort out their work according to the appropriate cost structure.   Work the departments felt was worth $150 an hour or more if done competently will flow to such a provider. If this were to happen, it would put intense cost pressure on law firms that charge the same hourly billing rate regardless of the work done.

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