Presentations at Offsites

Presentations by Rees Morrison at Retreats and In-House Lawyer Conferences

  1. Alternative Fee Arrangements
  2. Benchmarks and Metrics
  3. Budgets (Internal and with Law Firms)
  4. Law-Related Blogs (Blawgs)
  5. Career Capabilities
  6. Client Satisfaction
  7. Competitive Bids and RFPs
  8. Creativity
  9. Innovations over Five Years after 2008
  10. Knowledge Management
  11. Law Department Myths
  12. Management Issues and Practices
  13. Outside Counsel Management Techniques
  14. Partnering and Convergence
  15. Public Speaking
  16. Priorities, Listening and Speaking
  17. Productivity
  18. Retreats and Offsites
  19. RFPs
  20. Role of the Law Department
  21. Statistics
  22. Talent Management
  23. Value of the Law Department and Ways to Prove
  24. Writing

PDFs of these topics are available for interested, eligible parties.

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