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16 blogs on compliance, corporate social responsibility, or corporate governance

Of possible use for general counsel and other in-house professionals, many blogs concentrate on compliance-related topics, which includes ethics, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and corporate governance (See my post of Oct. 7, 2008: ethics with 29 references; June 11, 2008: compliance with 33 references; and
Aug. 17, 2008: corporate governance with 18 references.) Here are 16 of them I have located (but have not examined); I welcome guidance as to other blogs I have missed.

Business Ethics Blog (Chris MacDonald)

Business Ethics Memo (Julian Friedland, Leeds School of Business)

Compliance Blog with many posts by Cathy Connally

Compliance Exchange

Corporate Compliance Insights

Corporate Governance Watch

Crane and Matten blog

CSR News Blog

Ethics and Compliance Blog (Ethical Leadership Group)

Ethical Reputations (Fraser Consultancy)

International Corporate Governance (Allison Garrett)

Lead Good

Lexakos (Rick Wolf)

Measuring What Matters

Principled Profit: The Good Business Blog

SWiM (Starting With Me)

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One response to “16 blogs on compliance, corporate social responsibility, or corporate governance”

  1. Parthiv says:

    Yet to read all those blogs but i am sure they contain useful information.