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A bracelet that tells you when you are too emotionally caught up in a decision or situation

Someday soon, in-house counsel might wear an emotion-sensing system designed to help them keep a cool head when negotiating, litigating, or dealing with obnoxious people. The Rationalizer, still under development by Philips, consists of a bracelet that measures the wearer’s galvanic skin response. This response measures the electrical resistance of the skin that can be caused by various stimuli. Your skin knows when you are upset.

According to an article in the Economist, October 17, 2009 at 85, “the bracelet transmits its measurements to the ‘EmoBowl’, a saucer-like object which displays a moving light pattern to illustrate the user’s mood. If the person becomes emotionally aroused, the light pattern becomes more intense and turns from a soft yellow to orange.” If it reaches deep red, the lawyer should count to 10 and try to calm down. Such an obvious alarm will not do in plain view amidst a tense meeting, but more subtle reminders, such as a dial on the bracelet, presumably could alert the wearer to take a break.

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