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A herpetology game to highlight perils and opportunities for in-house lawyers

A session at The Lawyer’s Seventh Annual Summit For In-House Lawyers, which took place in Lisbon this past November, closed with an activity that has to be seen to be believed: “The session involved playing a communal game of snakes and ladders, with the snakes representing the perils of being an in-house lawyer and the ladders signifying issues that would facilitate their work and careers.”

Goodness snakes alive! Sheds new light on COBRA! But as long as you asp, I will adder one more point. All boas and girls enjoy games and I am a fang of stimulating activities at conference, but to garter together this many in-house counsel from slither and yon for a rollicking snakes and ladders is anaconda strange (See my post of April 15, 2006 on role play as a method to train.).

If the preceding paragraph struck you as odd (or adder) then peek at my post of Sept. 18, 2007 as I python the puns.

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