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A hyperpost on six of the non-GC titles and levels in legal departments

This post gathers my metaposts on various categories of employees in legal departments, other than the general counsel. There are too many posts about general counsel for me to make sense of them in this way. So I focused on six other levels.

Administrators (See my post of Feb.13, 2008 administrators, office managers with 21 references.).

Deputy General Counsel (See my post of Jan. 30, 2009: deputy general counsel with 11 references.).

Interns (See my post of March 19, 2009: interns from law school with 6 references.).

Paralegals (See my post of July 9, 2007: paralegals legal assistants with 11 references; and June 22, 2008: paralegals with 18 references.).

Secretaries (See my post of Oct. 4, 2009: secretaries and admins with 17 references.).

Specialist lawyers (See my post of May 5, 2008: specialty lawyers with 30 references.).

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