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A new website that curates the flood of law firm updates on substantive legal developments

Robert Ambrogi, the prolific host of and other activities internetal (to coin a term), points out a useful resource for in-house attorneys.

In-house lawyers may want to learn from the published work product of law firms, but how do they find the needle in the haystack of “thousands of client alerts, briefing papers and memoranda on a range of corporate, regulatory and industry issues”? They would like it if “someone pulled together the links to all these materials and organized them in a way to make them more useful and more readily accessible?”

He discusses the recently launched site,, which does exactly that. “The free site aggregates these law firm memoranda, summarizes them and then sorts them by industry, corporate role, area of law and geography. In addition, it provides more than 70 separate RSS feeds for each of these topics to provide notifications of new additions.”

Many in-house lawyers could benefit from such a service.