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A report based on interviews with 22 general counsel of major European companies

The Belgium-based consultants, FrahanBlondé, mention in a May 14, 2009 post that they had completed a study of large law departments. I have not seen the report but I want to point it out because of its relevance to readers of this blog, both inside and outside.

“We have conducted face-to-face interviews with 22 leading general counsel of major companies. The 60-pages report holds priceless information on all key aspects of general counsel’s collaboration with law firms,” says the website of the firm.

The report draws on remarks from the general counsel of AB Inbev, Delhaize, Solvay, Belgacom, KBC, Dexia, GDFSUEZ, ING, UCB, GIMV, Umicore, Ackermans van Haaren, Telenet, Mobistar, GBL, De Post, Bekaert, Cofinimmo, Elia, Fluxys and Omega Pharma. For more information on this survey, contact Sophie Peperstraete.