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An interruption log instead of a time tracking log might help you become more productive

To manage is to be interrupted. Too often, however, we are distracted, a minor detour such as the ping of incoming emails, or interrupted, which suggests a more important break in your attention such as someone at your door. Either way, a writer in the NY Times recently suggested keeping an interruption log. The log will tell you more about why you are behind in your work and give you clues how to diminish efficiency-sapping intrusions.

Allow me to interrupt this post to bother you with previous posts on intrusions (See my post of July 14, 2005: technology distractions; April 3, 2005: Blackberries and interruptions; Oct. 12, 2006: interruptions degrade thinking; Aug. 26, 2009: loss of 24 minutes for each e-mail interruption and IQ diminishment; June 15, 2010: apps that screen out distractions; June 16, 2010: Internet interruptions; and July 12, 2010: quiet time declared.).