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Ask your company’s marketing department to help you upgrade your brand image??

What your internal clients think of you is the essence of your department’s “brand.” One somewhat far-fetched way to burnish that brand is to seek professional help. A lawyer writing in Int’l In-House Counsel J., Vol 2, Summer 2009 at 1190, tells us that “I heard about a legal department that asked its company’s marketing department to re-brand its image.”

Yeah, dude, a chill logo, foxy service mark, ads with edge on the corporate intranet, models in the cafeteria, and toasters given to new callers.

A law department that devotes effort and corporate resources to invigorate its “brand” fritters everyone’s time (See my post of Jan. 30, 2008: publicity by law departments with 12 references; and June 11, 2007: publicity with 12 references.).

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