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Aspen Directory of Corporate Counsel CD (2010) free for those who take the GCM Benchmark survey – a $1,495 value

Courtesy of Aspen, publisher of the two-volume directory of more than 30,000 in-house lawyers at some 8,000 corporations and nonprofit organizations, your law department can get the 2010 directory on CD-ROM. This year’s edition (2011) has more than 2,800 pages and retails for $1,495. For questions about the directory, write Kate Brady.

The CD-ROM will be sent to you at no cost if your law department completes the General Counsel Metrics benchmark survey for the first time during the next 10 days.

To benefit from this special offer, good through September 17th, click on this Aspen GCM link and submit your 6 elements of 2010 staffing and spending data. You will receive both Release 3.0 of the GCM benchmark report (with 500+ participants) and the CD-ROM by early October. Please state at the end of the survey where it asks how you learned about the opportunity that you would like the Aspen Directory of Corporate Counsel or send me an email.