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Attitudes toward law firms publicizing work they have done for a law department

Most outside counsel guidelines that I have reviewed make it clear: “You may not comment to the media or disclose your representation of our company.” Even so, I can only conclude from a survey I just saw that some law departments are more tolerant of publicity. The choices included permitted disclosures by external counsel of

The fact that they are acting for your company;
Press releases on completion of a particular deal or project; or
Disclosure in confidential bid documents (I believe this means in RFP proposals.).

Another could be “listing of client on website” with or without reference to specific services rendered. I have also noticed the NY Times has taken to listing law firms at the end of business news regarding major corporate transactions. Notwithstanding any implications from the survey, I suspect general counsel viscerally dislike and actively bar broad disclosures by the firms that represent them.