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Be of good chair! If you can, seat yourself on an ergonomic seat to boost your productivity and health

It had to happen. A post on the humble chair, where in-house attorneys often spend more time than with their loved ones (See my post of July 29, 2007: to goose meetings, do away with chairs; and Feb. 7, 2008: infrastructure includes chairs.). Donna Payne writes about chairs in LTN – Law Technology News, Vol. 16, Sept. 2009 at 38, and I realized my omission on this topic has been reprehensible. I took my old-fashioned seat and wrote this post.

Many lawyers may have to park themselves on company-issued seats. A few can invest in chairs like the handful of colorful and memorable “exercise chairs” described in Payne’s article. Others may favor a kneeling chair, which forces you to sit up straight and thereby reduces the stress on your back (See my post of April 23, 2006: ergonomics.). She closes her portion on chairs with massage chairs, but that may be a perquisite of general counsel only.

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