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Beyond 5,000 posts, and a menagerie of metrics about my RSS feed readers

Readers who add me to their RSS feed are near and dear to me. One or two do a day and it cheers me up. “Now, there’s someone,” I say to myself, “who has a discriminating eye for blog quality!”

During the first 11 days of November, FeedBurner reports that this blog had an average of Subscribers 620; Reach 124; Raw Hits 4,343; Clickthroughs 278; and Impressions 941. It estimated 642 subscribers on November 11th, the most this blog has ever had and then 685 the next day. Four months earlier there were 69 fewer average Subscribers, and half as many “Raw hits” (See my post of July 19, 2009: Feedburner statistics with 7 references.).

Google Feedfetcher with 512 subscribers and Bloglines with 102 dominated the large number of feed readers and aggregators. MyBlogLog also tells me that from Nov. 5 to Nov. 11, the sixth most common click by visitors was on the “Subscribe to Rees’s Blog” button (4 clicks in total).

During the previous 30 days up to November 10th, FeedBurner tells me “Total Item Use,” which is Views plus Clickthroughs, reached 2,500. During that period there were 26,147 views of 531 items as well as 7,349 clicks back to my blog on 501 items.

Since February 2007 when I signed up for Site Meter, there have been 208,685 visitors and 375,111 pageviews. That means during those 31 months, this blog averaged 6,700 visits and 12,000 page views (See my post of Feb. 20, 2007: Site Meter metrics; July 24, 2009: analysis of Site Meter as to visitors’ ISP addresses; and Aug. 19, 2009 #1: international visitors.). A trendline of visits projects next month there will be 11,000 so interest in this blog has grown steadily.

MyBlogLog gives some different statistics. For example, on Monday, November 10th, it tells me the blog had 75 offsite clicks, 731 views, and 363 readers (See my post of Feb. 16, 2008: 35 offsite clicks and 144 readers.).

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