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Comments on 300+ comments on this blog for the past 18 months

I reviewed all the comments posted here since the start of 2009, more than 300 of them. The retrospective got me thinking.

First, I very much appreciate comments and hope that they increase.

Second, I have not made it a practice to reply to comments, but I have written some posts where I quote a good comment and then offer my thoughts on it.

Third, most of the commentators are providers of some service or product. Vendors, in other words, use the comments as veiled or not so veiled marketing efforts. Few in-house counsel weigh in.

Fourth, only rarely do people disagree with my points. Not that I hit the nail nearly all the time, I suspect, but something inhibits people from crossing swords. From where I sit it is perfectly fine when people point out how I might have misunderstood something or reached a wrong conclusion. That’s the way to learn.

Fifth, for perhaps every five comments on this blog I get an email message about a post. Either method works for me. Feedback is wonderful. Hint, hint….

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