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Compensation of non-U.S. in-house lawyers

To the extent lawyers are based outside the country of a law department’s main group of lawyers, an awkward circumlocution for “internationally-based” lawyers, general counsel have a harder time knowing what to pay them. Data from local markets is much harder to find.

Several posts in the past few years have brought to the fore scattered data about compensation of in-house lawyers outside the United States. These posts might help in the quest (See my post of Jan. 5, 2011: salaries of Brazilian and Latin American senior lawyers of multinationals; July 11, 2011: compensation data for Canadian in-house lawyers; July 12, 2011: ranges of salaries for Canadian in-house lawyers; July 18, 2011: pay of Canadian general counsel by level; July 8, 2010 #2: benchmark data from Rees Morrison and Laurence Simons study; Feb. 5, 2009 #2: low salaries for Indian law graduates; June 13, 2009: in-house salaries in Japan; July 19, 2009 #3: high salaries of ex-pats; Jan. 7, 2009: US and UK compensation differentials for top in-house lawyer; and Jan. 8, 2009: UK in-house counsel stay put so their salaries stagnate.).

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