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Cottage Industrialist, a founder or top executive of a leading vendor to law departments: Ladan Behnia of Mitratech (Part 3 of a series)

Here is the latest backgrounder on a leading matter management system’s founder. I asked these “cottage industrialists” to give some idea about the start of the company, some metrics about the current company, and an usual use of their software. Here is Mitratech’s.

“Mitratech started in 1987. When Ladan Behnia moved to the United States, she found it difficult to put her Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence to use. Picking up her daughter from school one day, she met a classmate’s father – Leon Pizante, a lawyer with big need to automate legal operations. Over dinner with Leon, Ladan mapped out the processes required to successfully manage legal matters. What started as a napkin sketch soon got the attention of leading corporations. Mitratech has evolved into a thriving business that pioneered Web-based software for corporate legal operations management.

Today, Mitratech’s largest implementation allows 2,500 internal and 50,000 external participants to collaborate.

As for an unusual use of our software, Pfizer configured TeamConnect to track all security incidents. The system captures and manages data on informants, migratory routes, and forensic evidence while enabling collaboration with all internal and external parties. Using the system, Pfizer has located counterfeiting rings, leading to numerous arrests and millions of counterfeit pills seized.”

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