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Definitions of flextime and compressed time (UNIFI)

At a recent ALIC conference, Janet Gallo, associate general counsel of Acacia Life, gave attendees copies of her company’s policies on “flextime” and “compressed time.”

Essentially, “core hours” are “the designated period during the normal workday during which associates [employees] are expected to be present” – typically 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Flextime permits employees to vary their arrival and departure times outside core hours.

“Compressed time” allows an employee “to complete 80 hours of work in less than the regularly scheduled 10-day biweekly pay period.” A common example at UNIFI is a 4-day workweek of 10-hour days.

These definitions supplement and give precision to my earlier writings (See my posts of April 9, 2006 on flexible staffing arrangements; Dec. 4, 2005 on various alternatives to 9-to-5; March 24, 2007 on family-friendly initiatives; and May 16, 2007 with an example of flex-time from another company.).

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