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Domain names and managing that Internet demesne

Leaders League 2010 Intelligence Report at 73 tells about the efforts by Pernod Ricard’s law department to discipline the company’s use of domain names and enforce their rights as to others. In 2008 they conducted a global audit of their domain names. “We wrote our own rules designed to correct past errors by consolidating a consistent global portfolio.” They assigned an in-house specialist to ride herd on the group of names. That included filing for new registrations, abandoning unnecessary names, and recovering names that had been wrongfully or misleadingly registered by third parties.

With more than 26,000 brands all over the world, Pernod-Ricard must vigilantly keep an eye on the proliferating tumult of domain names. Whether the law department should do so is a different question (See my post of Sept. 27, 2005 #2: tracking domain names should not be a responsibility of the legal department; and April 13, 2010: relative numbers of domain names, patents, and trademarks held by companies.).

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