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Empower – and trust – clients to handle legal issues (Disney)

Rosemary Bloom, General Counsel Europe of Disney, speaking at PLC’s Global Counselors’ College in mid-2004 suggests giving clients a self-help option for routine legal matters. She urges in-house lawyers to give clients workshops, tools, checklists, standard form contracts, terms and conditions, “and make yourself available should they have concerns. They are responsible and if you trust them, they will act responsibly on the whole.” Many other lawyers in-house will need to accept this conclusion and have confidence in their legally-empowered business colleagues.

According to Bloom, Disney, for instance, “produces a best practice manual for the branded TV business covering issues like data protection, music clearance and dealing with children, with practical advice and standard release forms” (See my post of Feb. 16, 2006 on self-service for clients, and my recent article.).