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Fifteen blogs that post mostly on legal process outsourcing

Some reader, who can thereby enjoy their 15 minutes of fame on this blog, should tell me where there is a comprehensive list of blogs that concentrate on legal-related offshoring. In the meantime I trawled some blog rolls and offer this list of 15, without comments and in alphabetical order. Let me know of others.

Aphelion Legal Blog

Blog From Bangalore (India) by Andrea Lee Negron

Elegalsecure by Ernest Paul

Excited Utterances by Joy London

Integreon Blog

Law Without Borders by Russell Smith

LawScribe by Mark Ross

LegalEase Blog

Legally Yours by Rahul Jindal

Offshoring Blog by Overpass Limited

Outsourcing Weblog by Gary Zeiss

Pangea3 Blog

Pragmatic Outsourcing by Nick Krym

Prism Legal Consulting by Ron Friedmann

Shared Services & Outsourcing Network

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