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Four general counsel included among the 100 most influential people in business ethics

Among the year’s most influential people in business ethics, shoulder to shoulder with President Obama, the Pope and the President of Sri Lanka, are no less than four general counsel.

Ethisphere, in its Winter 2009 edition, started with Brian Martin (#84), the chief legal officer of KLA-Tencore, who not only wrote for InsideCounsel but also taught a course on ethics and presented at more than 15 CLE events on ethics. Mark Chandler, of Cisco (#81), spent 2009 “reinventing corporate legal practices and services(See my post of Sept. 25, 2008: Cisco’s Mark Chandler with 30 references.).

Tim Mayopolous, the erstwhile top lawyer for Bank of America and currently the head lawyer at Fannie Mae, holds spot 76 because of his stand on Merrill Lynch. The silver medal slot, however, goes to Peter Solmssen of Siemens (#2), “called in to clean up Siemens and revamp its culture” (See my post of Nov. 13, 2010: Solmssen simultaneously served as CEO of a division.).