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Four items on contract management: three software packages and a website

On LinkedIn I came across references to three companies that provide contract management software, and law departments that are using (or about to use) them. Remedy was described as “a contract management and work allocation system. People who need legal’s help will send their request through Remedy and the managing counsel can use Remedy to allocate work to members of the legal team and contracts, work load of attorneys etc can be tracked.”

Meditract and ImageNow are the other two packages. Another in-house attorney wrote “We have been using Meditract for my 3-hospital integrated health system, which is a nice contract management system. We’ve hired a contract manager and will be moving to ImageNow, which allegedly has a better search feature than Meditract.” I add these three to my cottage industry listing.

I also heard in a comment about a website that provides information about contract management. The site doesn’t have that much content and you have to scroll down to see what is there.

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