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Four more environmentally progressive ideas that legal departments might adopt

An article in Legal Tech. News, Vol. 16, Nov. 2009 at 39, describes the environmental efforts of a 40-person law firm. It adds several ideas, and quantifies some of their benefits, to my previous collection (See my post of March 11, 2009: conservation for law departments with 7 references; and Aug. 7, 2009: 32 steps to take.).

  1. The firm set a goal to reduce paper consumption by 80 percent and to use recycled paper. The recycled paper costs $1 more per ream (29% more expensive) but the firm shifted to using considerably less paper.

  2. The article mentions that “everyone uses dual monitors, to increase his or her workspace.” I have written about dual monitors but only in terms of energy, not physical space (See my post of Sept. 30, 2009: monitors with 6 references.). Less space means less energy for heating and cooling.

  3. Ergotron stands at $219 each were also part of the firm’s investment. While not environmentally important, their ergonomic value makes sense (See my post of Sept. 19, 2009: chairs and ergonomics.).

  4. The firm scratched $300 per person from its annual budget by eliminating bottled water and switching to a filter system – not to mention the plastic landfill it avoided. “Styrofoam cups are no longer purchased, saving another $4,000 annually. Instead, everyone received a mug.”