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Four more simple steps to save energy, i.e., coal and emissions

An article in LTN Law Tech. News, Vol. 16, Dec. 2009 at 47, describes some of the various efforts of “the light bulb guy.” He is Alexander Tait at the Sonnenschein law firm and he writes engagingly about his crusade to reduce the amount of power the 700-lawyer firm consumes. Since I have already collected quite a few conservation tips, here are four so far unmentioned. Every legal department could do some of these simple steps (See my post of March 11, 2009: conservation for law departments with 7 references.).

  1. Save the coffee grinds in containers and let people take them home for composting.
  2. Reprogram lights controlled by the building to provide only emergency lighting after 6 pm. That simple expedient saves Sonnenschein $10,000 a year.
  3. Remove several of the light bulbs in your office ceiling, not so many as to affect your vision but each bulb counts.
  4. Reduce lighting in common areas, such as hallways, filing areas, and lunch rooms. Again, no need to plunge the department into Stygian gloom, but no need to blaze away all the time even when areas are deserted.