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How does the Office of the Blogger feel about the term “The Office of the General Counsel”?

It has an officious tone, an imperious that puts me off. Beating hearts and thinking brains are within, yet the clammy, 1984-ish “The Office” may or may not oblige your obsequies. I like flesh and blood (See my post of July 20, 2008: do not describe colleagues as “resources”.) and I do not like the pall of a Wizard of Oz omnisciently making decisions behind the curtain.

The Office of the General Counsel is written about in bureaucratese, full of passives and nominalizations. I like I. I like the buck stops here, on a real human’s desk. I don’t like the Mandarin fuzziness of an administrative term. Nor would Kafka.

But perhaps the Office of the Blogger is too subtle?

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