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Hyperpost on legal risk [metapost legal risk III 2009-2010 11 and 7 metas]

Having put another notch in my belt of legal risk posts (See my post of Dec. 5, 2011: three observations on legal risk.), I looked for other risk-related metaposts. As my previous one covered through mid-August of 2009 and yesterday’s covered from mid-2010 through now, I updated my posts during the gap period on the topic (See my post of Dec. 21, 2009: a “risk management checklist”; Jan. 19, 2010: shallow recommendations about legal risk and compliance; Jan. 19, 2010: methods to identify, measure, and review legal risks; Jan. 19, 2010: legal risk management by UK heads of legal; Jan. 19, 2010: too easy to prescribe risk reduction measures to take; Jan. 25, 2010 #2: more than 80 risk management frameworks; Feb. 16, 2010 #4: study of legal risk and compliance; June 25, 2010: move inside shifts from risk avoidance to risk management; Aug. 2, 2010: clues to seven koans on “legal risk”; Nov. 30, 2010: my column on legal risks avoided but never to be measured; and Dec. 7, 2010: ascendancy of risk management in innovative group of UK departments.).

Hence, with today’s, this blog has delivered five general metaposts on legal risk (See my post of Nov.15, 2005: legal risk with 7 references; March 23, 2008: risk management with 18 references; Aug. 17, 2009: controlling legal risks with 13 references; and Dec. 5, 2011: recent risk posts with 7 references.).

With some overlap from the general metaposts, there have been three more metaposts related to aspects of legal risk (See my post of Aug. 24, 2008: lawyers and risk averse behavior with 11 references; June 2, 2010: portfolio and risk notions with 7 references; and Nov. 28, 2010: risk or control functions – compliance, audit, risk management, and legal with 7 references.).

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