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Linex Systems, a search engine that focuses on law-related information

After I noticed several visitors who reached this blog from Linex Systems, I looked at its website. A law department case study caught my eye and gives some background on a productivity tool for law departments. David Byrne is Head of Knowledge Management for BT Group’s legal department. Working with a team of 130 lawyers, he is always searching for “ways for our people to do more with less effort.”

With a distributed workforce, BT Legal relies on technology to make up for the lack of face-to-face contact. For example, the company became one of the first to adopt Linex Smart Alerts.

At BT they see Linex Smart Alerts as an important business tool: “We use it to share knowledge and work together. The system allows the company to monitor content from its panel of law firms, as well as tracking information from thousands of other sources.” BT has integrated the system closely with its own SharePoint site. Information appears there directly, so lawyers do not have to log in to Linex themselves.