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LinkedIn groups: Law Department Management and Law Department Administrators – you are enthusiastically invited to join

LinkedIn membership costs nothing, but the vast professional online site can provide significant value. Groups abound and you can look up people and often find more about them and how to reach them.

Almost two months ago I started a LinkedIn group (Law Department Administrators) for administrators in legal departments and those who report to administrators. With 46 members as I write, this group gives heads of law department operations a forum to ask questions, share experiences, and offer lessons learned.

My long-running group on LinkedIn started in April 2008 for those more broadly interested in law department management has grown to 895 members. More and more frequently it has discussion posts and resources from a number of those members. The group warmly welcomes newcomers (See my post of Jan. 4, 2010: 250 members; Dec. 21, 2010: 445 members; Feb. 16, 2011: 510 have joined; and April 22, 2011: more than 650 in the group.).