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Matter management system vendors cited the most so far in the General Counsel Metrics benchmark survey

Just shy of 300 participating law departments, the GCM benchmark survey has collected responses from 114 of them regarding their matter management system. In declining order of mention, the providers of such software were Mitratech (19), Serengeti (12), LawTrac (8), CT Tymetrix (7), EAG (6), Bridgeway (4), Datacert (4) and LexisNexis (3).

At least 29 other packages were mentioned by one or more law departments, notably SharePoint (3), Pro-Link (3), and Tedesco and Smart Counsel (2 each) (See my post of March 12, 2011: early look at matter management systems based on 142 participants.). Nine law departments reported that they use a custom, internally-developed system.

The first-ever league table for this particular software niche, based on user data rather than vendor statements, will improve steadily as the GCM survey gathers hundreds of more participants. Take the survey (see the icon at upper right) and learn more!

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