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More suggestions about how to listen effectively

To my earlier post about listening techniques (See my post of Oct. 19, 2008: ten sound suggestions.), three more vibrated at me from a recent article in the ACC Docket, Vol. 27, Oct. 2009 at 40.

  1. Ask thoughtful questions. The author suggests, “Don’t frame your question in a way that puts the other person on the defensive.”

  2. Use appropriate body language. “Appear alert, attentive and friendly. Meet the other person’s gaze but don’t stare.”

  3. Be brief. “The people talking to you will appreciate it.” I am not sure what this has to do with listening effectively. Maybe it means that when you talk, don’t talk all that much if you want to be a better listener.

If you want to hear about other posts on listening, there have been several (See my post of April 13, 2007: listen, identify, and enhance (LIE); April 15, 2006: best lawyEARS; Dec. 8, 2006: encourage different viewpoints; Dec. 16, 2007: compete against Blackberries; Oct. 16, 2006: ranks outside counsel on listening skills; and March 25, 2008: a future of hypersonic sounds.).

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One response to “More suggestions about how to listen effectively”

  1. Jeny says:

    I think these tips are great and useful. Any lawyer or businessman could use this. This could help add confidence especially when you present yourself to anyone in business.